Vt=Vn*T^2 // The trust formula // How to create new value by making CX your OS

Businesses that aim to survive in the digital age need to make customer experience their underlying operating system – to create new value for both, customers and their business. On this journey, customer trust becomes the most crucial success factor. This makes CX the new formula for brand success.

How to achieve this goal? You can read a practical guide to success in my most recent article.

Please find a free copy of the English version here. There is also a CX glossary included in this version.

The German version is available here.

Source: Felix Stöckle, Markenartikel, Heft Nr. 12/2017, markenartikel-magazin.de

Why CX is 21st century branding

You might have wondered how branding has changed in the digital age, or how branding in post-digital is different to pre-digital?

Well, one of the easiest, although slightly broad-brush ways to describe the difference is that in the pre-digital era brands have predominantly been built based on advertising campaigns = communicating promises. Today, in the post-digital age, brands are build through exceptional customer experiences = delivering against your promises.

In a world of social media, likes, stars and rankings, it counts less how well you communicate your brand promise, but if you really live up to it and deliver against it – offering exceptional value to your customers.

Sounds easy. But, as we all now, action is a much tougher currency than words!