Our offer

‘Beta is the new normal’ …

… focuses on customer-centric business transformation:

We help companies see their business through the eyes of their customers, adapt fast(er) to ever-changing customer needs and build strong identities and brands through delivering exceptional customer experiences.

strategy, LEADERSHIP & transformation

Defining how you will create value in the future. Through a new future, customer-centric business model for the ‘new normal’. And then transforming your business one step & digit at a time to create that value!

purpose & branding

Defining your ‘reason for being’ to provide the world with an answer why your business exists. Then turning it into a compelling brand promise, that allows you to clearly position your business and your brand(s) in a crowded market place!

Experience & Innovation

Setting up your business to deliver your promise at every touchpoint along your customers’ journeys. Understanding their real needs, eliminating existing painpoints and adding innovative new gainpoints, that make it easy and satisfying to do business with you!

sales, Marketing & communications

Translating your purpose and brand promise into a fascinating story that lets customers, employees, investors and the public understand what makes  your business unique and what it has to offer. Then leveraging the most effective and efficient channels to tell your story and interact with your customers!