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What wIll be your 'Next Normal'?
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Thriving in the ‘new normal’

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Disruption occurs in many ways. Small and large. But the disruption that we currently experience is unprecedented. It asks every business not just to adapt, but create its own ‘new normal’. In an environment, that offers the once in a lifetime opportunity to build better, more human businesses. But, finding a good answer, means asking bold questions!

You will need to rethink your business model. Rethink how you can create (more) value for your customers. Rethink how you can attract and retain the best talent. Rethink how you can achieve sustainable returns for your shareholders. And, rethink your role, meaning, and purpose for society and mankind at large.

There will be no ‘new normal’ without re-inventing your business. But, we are here to help.

beta is the new normal has been founded to support businesses in adapting to constant change. It’s in our DNA – and our name.

Long before that little virus …

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Our offer

How can we help you define your ‘Next Normal’

We help businesses to define who they aim to be,
what they want to stand for and offer to the world,
how they can differentiate in crowded competitive environments – and, most importantly, how to turn their ambitions into reality and live up to their goals.   

strategy, LEADERSHIP & transformation

Defining how you will create value in the future. Through a new future, customer-centric business model for the ‘new normal’. And then transforming your business one step & digit at a time to create that value!

purpose & branding

Defining your ‘reason for being’ to provide the world with an answer why your business exists. Then turning it into a compelling brand promise, that allows you to clearly position your business and your brand(s) in a crowded market place!

Experience & Innovation

Setting up your business to deliver your promise at every touchpoint along your customers’ journeys. Understanding their real needs, eliminating existing painpoints and adding innovative new gainpoints, that make it easy and satisfying to do business with you!

sales, Marketing & communications

Translating your purpose and brand promise into a fascinating story that lets customers, employees, investors and the public understand what makes  your business unique and what it has to offer. Then leveraging the most effective and efficient channels to tell your story and interact with your customers! 

From our founder

“Creating value is the only reason you should exist!”

At beta is the new normal we believe that everything we do should support one single goal: for our clients to maximize the value they create – for their customers, their employees, their investors and the society as such.

Therefore, we always start with “How does this create (human) value?”

No matter if we help to develop a new business model, create a business purpose or brand promise, launch a new product or optimize an entire customer experience.

What makes us your perfect partner

Our experience

We are very grateful that we have been allowed to work for some of the most iconic businesses and brands around the world. This work has taught us many lessons that we use to create the future – with and for our clients!

What we have to say

Our blog

We regularly contribute to business and industry papers. Find some of our thinking below …

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