What makes us special

‘Beta is the new normal’ …

is all about executive transformation consulting and coaching for the ‘new normal’ – to make sure that you and your business will thrive and prosper in a world different to what we have known so far.

No juniors. No overheads. No bureaucracy. No bullshit. You get me and my partners. 100%. Not a pitch team, you will never see again. 

Seen it, felt it and smelt it. There’s nothing that beats more than 30 years of experience. Getting your sleeves up and hands dirty. This is what eventually will create real value, impact and change. Around me, I built a network of seasoned identity, branding, innovation, cx as well as organizational and leadership development professionals that believe in lean structures, agile processes, creative solutions and quick impact.

Fast forward. Fast impact. With a focus on quick wins, efficient implementation and real change. Every team member has at least 10 years of experience in their respective area of expertise. Teams are build according to clients’ needs, timings and budgets.